Featured Student

Student Name: LaTasha Chaffin

Michigan Service Scholar (MSS), LaTasha Chaffin, is a fourth-year doctoral student in the Department of Political Science studying American and Comparative Politics.  Prior to joining the PhD Program at WMU, LaTasha worked full-time as a Human Resources professional for private industry in Grand Rapids. The motivation to join the WMU doctoral program and the MSS program were similar; LaTasha strives to connect her professional/academic life with her desire to give back to the community.  Economic and community development,  areas of service LaTasha is passionate about,  are connected to her research interests in labor, industrial and economic policy.

LaTasha’s service placements include serving as a reading tutor for Grand Rapids Public Schools and working with the Northside Ministerial Alliance in Kalamazoo to develop a model for parents to establish within their homes that will prepare their children for academic success.  LaTasha is also using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology to develop a geographical membership locator for the Northside Ministerial Alliance, and is working on a GIS project for WMU’s Lewis Walker Institute’s Poverty Reduction Initiative.  LaTasha is enthusiastic about participating in the WMU-MSS program, and is looks forward to learning effective ways of addressing community and state-wide educational, social and economic challenges.


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